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‘We walk in the footsteps of Christ and are held in the hand of God’

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Our Faith

Bambinelli Blessing

For the last few weeks our children from Nursery to Year 6 have been very busy making their own baby Jesus. This is to keep with the Italian tradition where every Italian child makes a baby Jesus to be blessed by the Pope on Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent). Father Noel blessed all of our amazing babies at our wonderfully spiritual Christmas Carol Service, where our children read, prayed and sang beautifully. 


Our Bambinellis

Our Bambinellis 1
Our Bambinellis 2
Our Bambinellis 3
Our Bambinellis 4
Our Bambinellis 5
Our Bambinellis 6
Our Bambinellis 7
Our Bambinellis 8
Our Bambinellis 9
Our Bambinellis 10
Our Bambinellis 11

Multi Faith Week 2019

During Multi Faith Week this year, we deepened our understanding of our own faith whilst increasing our awareness and understanding of people of different faiths and their beliefs.

At the end of the week, two of our Faith Leaders from Key Stage 2 spent some time in each classroom to learn about all the exciting things that had been happening in School.

 “It’s really nice to be able to learn about other people’s learning this week and seeing what they have been doing.” – Vanessa, Year 4 Faith Leader

In Key Stage 1 this week, children learnt about different aspects of Christianity, focussing on key figures within the Catholic Church.


"The Pope wears special red shoes. We also learnt about getting married and we made Rosary Beads" – Elisabeta

“Father Noel came to visit us and told us about his job. He talks to people about God.” - Yakshara


Reception 1
Reception 2
Reception 3
Reception 4

In Year 1, children learnt more about Pope Francis and life in the Vatican City, as demonstrated beautifully by Felix in the video below.

Year 1

Still image for this video

Year 1

Year 1 1
Year 1 2

Children in Year 2 extended their understanding about Pope Francis’ by researching and writing about eight important events in his life.

“The Pope likes giving to the poor and he doesn’t care about what people have and don’t have. For his birthday he likes to give things to other people.” - Akshay

“I really liked finding out about the Pope and did you know he had to have a lung removed? He started to love reading because he ran out of breath and after that he went to Church. When he went to Church, he saw what the Bishop was doing, and he wanted to do the same. He wanted to be like St. Francis which is why his name is Francis.” - Caitlin

Year 2

Year 2 1
Year 2 2

In Key Stage 2, each year group learnt about a different faith and the beliefs of those who belong to each. Each class was also fortunate enough to visit places of worship for the faith they were studying, giving them an invaluable experience of that faith.


In Year 3, children learnt about Judaism, beginning with the history and founding of the faith, before learning about celebrations, festivals and traditions.

“My favourite bit this week was d esigning the Hamsa. Hamsa’s are worn by Jewish people for good luck. At the Synagogue, we also learnt that when the Torah scrolls are being written, if someone makes a mistake, they have to start the whole thing again!” - Sylvie

“My favourite part was seeing the Torah scrolls at the Synagogue and seeing the crowns they put on them because they are so special. The scrolls are handwritten and are made from animal skin and they cost £7000 for a small one and £70,000 for a big one.” - Kayden

Year 3

Year 3 1
Year 3 2
Year 3 3

Children in Year 4 learnt about Hinduism, considering what it means to be a Hindu, including equality of all living beings.

“I will remember lots of what I learnt this week, especially things I didn’t know before. I liked learning about how everyone is treated equally as a part of God’s family no matter of their colour or religion.” - Ira

“I liked learning about the holy animals like cows, I didn’t know they were special to Hindu’s before.” - Aarush

“We learnt all about the temple. I really liked when the curtains opened, and we saw all the gods.” – Avika

Year 4

Year 4 1
Year 4 2

In Year 5, children studied Sikhism, learning about the important role that Guru’s play in guiding Sikh’s in their faith, before discovering the significant signs and symbols which represent Sikh’s devotion to their faith.

“I liked learning about the 5K’s because it was interesting learning about how these items represent their faith.” - Olivia

“I liked learning about the rules of the Gurdwara, we made posters, so we know what to do and how to behave when we visited.” - Pearl

“At the Gurdwara, we learnt all about Diwali and why Sikh’s celebrate this. We also learnt that their reasons for celebrating Diwali are different to the Hindu reasons.” - Uday

Year 5

Year 5 1
Year 5 2

Children in Year 6 learnt all about Islam, beginning with the five pillars which structure the Muslim faith. Children were then lucky enough to see and hear about these core beliefs during their visit to the Mosque.

“My favourite thing to learn about was the five pillars of Islam and how they scaffold Islam.” - Anthony

“I liked our visit to the Mosque. It really showed how devoted they are to their faith and I think we could learn a lot from this, even as simple as going to Church every week.” - Joshua

Year 6

Year 6 1
Year 6 2

First Holy Communion Craft Session 2019

First Holy Communion Craft Session 2019

Last Saturday morning - 6th April, our children preparing for their First Holy Communion in May this year, came with their parents to create a framed momento to celebrate and remind them of the occasion.  It was a lovely morning and the resulting Chalice pictures were truly beautiful.



Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers

Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers 1
Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers 2
Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers 3
Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers 4
Our Lenten Prayer Area- Please read our children's beautiful, thoughtful prayers 5

Year 4 Meditation

Year 4 Meditation 1
Year 4 Meditation 2
Year 4 Meditation 3

Today Year 4 children took part in a meditation, all the children were very prayerful. We followed the Heart Room meditation- 'A Candle for God'.

The room was darkened and the children held a candle and closed their eyes. They followed Mrs Gregg’s reading and went to their heart room, where Jesus was waiting for them. During a quite period the children had their own conversation with God.

“Hear Jesus saying to you, I am loving you to make you happy. When others see your heart light  up with my love, they will want to come to me and have their hearts lit by my love, too.”

It would be lovely if your child could show the whole family how to talk to God in this beautiful, quiet way.

On Saturday- April 21st, we held our annual, First Holy Communion Craft Session, when we invite parents to come and share their child's faith journey, by making an item to celebrate their preparation towards their big day on May 19th, when they will receive the Eucharist for the first time.

It was lovely to see so many of the children and their parents and the Prayer Boxes which were completed in the session were amazing- have a look at the photographs above.

Thank you so much for supporting us to make your child's Sacramental Preparation meaningful, spiritual and good fun.

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My Advent Prayer

Please help us to keep the poor people happy like us all,

Through the bad and the good you keep our faith in you alive,

Even though we come into darkness you show us the light,

That keeps me smiling through out my life,

We will give forgiveness to those who hurt us,

Just like you would if you still roamed this earth,

Love is a way to keep people happy ,

I love you and that keeps me happy!



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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Hail Mary Full of Grace

Queen of the May


We held a lovely prayer Service for Mary


Easter to Pentecost


Picture 1

Year 6 Visit to St. Chad's Cathedral

Picture 1

Our Year 6 children have had a very spiritual start to this half term with a visit on Tuesday November 6th to the Birmingham Archdiocese, Catholic Cathedral, St. Chad’s. We started the day with a very informative tour of the beautiful Cathedral–

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

New Beginnings

We have just begun our new school year. Let us

remember to learn and play together and always to

have fun as we:

"Walk in the footsteps of Christ and are held in the

hand of God"


The Easter Story

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