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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.


Helping you to learn and do your best this year are your teachers Mrs Davies and Ms Place.

Mrs Davies will work Monday - Thursday in the classroom with the children and on Fridays will work with groups of children supporting, developing and enhancing their Maths and English skills. Therefore Ms Place will be teaching in the classroom on a Friday.

Our Learning Assistants are Mrs Newitt and Mrs Underhill.


Autumn Term 1.



This half term we are celebrating the 100th birthday of the world famous children's author Roald Dahl. The class text we are studying is 'The Witches'.

We are reading, analysing and studying the text each day in class and also linking our writing to different aspects of the text. We will be writing different texts, e.g. How to recognise a witch, recounts as characters from the book, Instruction texts, News reports etc.

At the end of our reading we will then compare the book and the film: their similarities and differences; children's favourite parts; whether the film is true to Roald Dahl's version.

We will be studying lots of different sentence types and structures to improve our writing skills this term and revising the use of exciting openers, connectives and vocabulary. During grammar and punctuation exercises, the children will be revising different types of nouns, verbs, adverbs, fronted adverbials, different clauses within sentences and prepositions.



We will start this half term by reading and writing numbers to 10,000,000: determining the value of each digit; ordering and comparing the numbers; rounding them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and then solving word problems involving what we have learnt.

We will also be adding and subtracting large numbers mentally and using written methods, then solving multi-step problems. We will revise the use of different multiplication methods to multiply large numbers.

When working with fractions we will be ordering, adding and subtracting.



Our exciting History topic this term is the Vicious Vikings. We will be studying where the Vikings came from; when and why they invaded England; how we know and what happened next? The Viking warriors were very successful sailors and fighters and we will be finding out why? How did the Vikings construct the long ships? And were all the Vikings warriors?



Our first R.E topic this half term is studying the Bible. We will research how many books make up the Bible, the children will know their way around the Bible and also know how many books make up The Old Testament and The New Testament. We will look at many different Old Testament characters and their role in the Bible.


We have lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities ahead of us this year.


P.E - Our P.E days this year are Tuesday and Thursdays. The children need to have their kits in school for every lesson.


Reading - All children are expected to read at home every night and discuss what they have read with an adult. It is essential that they fully understand the text they are reading and become familiar with new vocabulary so that they can apply this learning to their writing. Children's records need to be signed every night and handed in to be checked each morning. This is vital for children to progress across the whole curriculum.


Home Learning - In Year 6, home learning will be set on a Thursday and needs to be handed back into school on a Monday. Extra learning at home may be given at other times and children are encouraged to research and practise what they have been learning at school, at home at any time. There are many fun websites and quizzes available on the internet for the children to access, to aid and develop their learning.


Water bottles - Please remind your children that they need a water bottle in school each day.


If you have any questions please feel free to come and ask, before or after school.


Mrs Davies