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This Saturday- April 29th, we held our annual, First Holy Communion Craft Session, when we invite parents to come and share their child's faith journey, by making an item to celebrate their preparation towards their big day on June 18th, when they will receive the Eucharist for the first time.

It was lovely to see so many of the children and their parents and the decorated tiles which were completed in the session were amazing- have a look at the photographs above.

Thank you so much for supporting us to make your child's Sacramental Preparation meaningful, spiritual and good fun.

First Holy Communion

Saturday 21st of May 11am

Congratulations to all our children who made their First Holy Communion this weekend!

You all looked wonderful.

The service was very spiritual and the children were superb. They all read clearly and behaved impeccably. This was the first service Mrs McSharry had missed (due to illness) but she would have been very proud of all the children. Thank you to Father Breslin for all his help and guidance throughout the day. 


We love going to Church together on a Sunday morning

We love going to Church together on a Sunday morning 1
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Well done to all the children in Year Three who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Friday February 27th. The children took part in a simple, prayerful service at St. Peter's Church before making their first confession. We continue to support them as they make the special journey towards their First Holy Communion.

Please read our prayers for the sick and dying- by Year 5 (February 2015)



On February 10th, 2015 fifteen of our Year 6 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was a very spiritual and wonderful occasion enjoyed by all. Below are some of the children's personal reflections on the celebration.

My Advent Prayer

Please help us to keep the poor people happy like us all,

Through the bad and the good you keep our faith in you alive,

Even though we come into darkness you show us the light,

That keeps me smiling through out my life,

We will give forgiveness to those who hurt us,

Just like you would if you still roamed this earth,

Love is a way to keep people happy ,

I love you and that keeps me happy!


By Adarsh Year 5

Conor's Explanation of the Parable of the Sower




Radha's Beautiful Writing About the Morning





Beautiful Pictures To Celebrate the Birth of Christ in 2013





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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 7

Hail Mary Full of Grace

Queen of the May


We held a lovely prayer Service for Mary(You can see more photos at the bottom of the page)


Easter to Pentecost

By Andrew in Year 5

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Year 6 Visit to St. Chad's Cathedral

Picture 1

Our Year 6 children have had a very spiritual start to this half term with a visit on Tuesday November 6th to the Birmingham Archdiocese, Catholic Cathedral, St. Chad’s. We started the day with a very informative tour of the beautiful Cathedral–

Picture 1
Picture 2

It was lovely to be accompanied on the visit by Father Roger (our School Parish Priest). He said that he had really enjoyed being with our children for the day and going on the Cathedral tour, which he had never done before. We were also very blessed on our visit, as Archbishop Bernard Longley came to shake the hand of each child after Mass.

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This week- October 11th 2012- marks the beginning of the “Year of Faith”- which is a special celebration of our Catholic faith, with the Pope calling us all to renew and strengthen our shared belief in Christ.

In our whole school assembly on Monday the children learnt about St. Therese, who was just an ordinary girl, who learnt to express her love of God through doing small things to help improve the lives of everyone around her. The children have been asked to try and follow St. Therese's “little way” and find extra ways of being helpful and kind at school and at home. Each child has written or drawn one way in which they have helped others this week in special petals (Therese was known as Jesus’ ‘little flower’) which have been displayed in the school hall.

New Beginnings

We have just begun our new school year. Let us

remember to learn and play together and always to

have fun as we:

"Walk in the footsteps of Christ and are held in the

hand of God"


Easter 2012

Stations of the Cross



In the last two week's of the Spring Term the children in each class were asked to bring in a piece of cloth of a given colour. These pieces of cloth, along with some additional bags of cloth, very kindly donated by parents, were woven by every child in school (from 3 to 11 years old) to create a special part of the most wonderful rainbow display to demonstrate the journey made by Christ to the Cross. Children in Year 6 wrote prayers to reflect on each Station and these were also part of the display.


On Wednesday of the last week of term, we held a very special service dedicated to the Stations of the Cross. Forty-two children from Year 1 to Year 6 read a description of each Station, followed by Jesus' thoughts, then ended with a special prayer. The children from Year 5 acted in a tableau matched to the words being read. Everybody read, acted and sang beautifully and the service prepared us all for Easter and the wonderful Resurrection of Our Lord.


Charity Fundraising

The children organised several different events to raise money for three charities-: Father Hudson's, CAFOD and Sports Relief. We managed to raise over £300. Well done to everyone who worked hard to make the events successful.




This week on Wednesday (22nd) the children from Key Stage 2 will go down to the Parish Church to receive Ashes. Receiving an Ash Cross on our foreheads reminds us of our special commitment to change during Lent and become more like the person God wants us to be. Ash Wednesday marks the start of the forty days before Easter Sunday when we can celebrate the resurrection of Jesus our Saviour.

This conversation explains what you should say if someone asks you about the cross on your forehead.

Q: Hey, your forehead’s dirty. What’s that on your forehead?

A: Ashes…they’re from church.

Q: Why did your church put dirt on your forehead?

A: It’s not dirt; they’re ashes. Today’s Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Catholics wear ashes to show that we want to change to get ready for Easter.

Q: Are they supposed to be in a shape or something? Just looks like a smudge to me.

A: It’s supposed to be in the shape of a cross – like the one that Jesus died on.

Q: So you think you’re something special because you’re wearing ashes on your forehead?

A: No, just the opposite. It shows that without God, this is all we are - ashes. It’s a way of admitting how much we need God.

Q: So how are you going to change?

A: I'm going to try to become what God wants me to be…a good person.

Q: Do you give up things for Lent too? What for?

A: Giving up things– like chocolate or watching TV - is like exercise – it’s hard work but it makes us stronger. We also give things to others such as our time- maybe by being a helping hand at home

Q: So you can’t have any fun for how long?

A: I can still have fun, I’m just going to be doing things a little differently for 40 days…that’s how long it is until Easter.

Q: Then you can go back to being your old self?

A: No, that’s the point, hopefully with God's help, I’ll be an even better version of myself!

December 2011

Our Key Stage 2 children celebrated a very peaceful and spiritual Advent Mass with Father Brian from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Father asked the children to prepare their hearts and minds for the Birth of Jesus by praying and trying to do something good every day. You can help them to do this by sharing the Advent Calendar and booklets which came home with your children on Tuesday.


Family Prayer Bags



Before he left the Archdiocese of Birmingham, the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, introduced a scheme to support family prayer. This involved producing a Prayer Bag that contains all the resources, guidance and instructions for parents to undertake a structured prayer session with their children.


During their time at St. Anthony’s your child will have the opportunity to bring home a Prayer Bag. Accompanying this bag will be a book where, as a family, you can record your experiences through words, drawings or photographs if you wish. When it is your son or daughter’s turn, the Prayer Bag will be brought home on a Thursday and we ask for it to be returned on the following Tuesday.


We hope this resource will support you in developing your child’s spirituality.

The Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word is a double sided A4 leaflet that the children in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 will bring home every Wednesday. The leaflet will support you to prepare your son or daughter for the Gospel at Mass on the following Sunday.


Click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out more.

Picture 1 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 2 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 3 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 4 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 5 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 6 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 7 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 8 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 9 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 10 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 11 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 12 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 13 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 14 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 15 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 16 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 17 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 18 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 19 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 20 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 21 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 22 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 23 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 24 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 25 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 26 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 27 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 28 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 29 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 30 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 31 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 32 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 33 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 34 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 35 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 36 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 37 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 38 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 39 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 40 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 41 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 42 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 43 Singing Praises to Mary
Picture 44 Singing Praises to Mary

The Easter Story

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