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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3: Home to Miss Keohane, Mrs Sharman

This term we're in for a WILD time! surprise

This term in Year 3 we are looking at the topic: The Rainforest


This topic explores  story writing as well as studying the 'Just So Stories': 'How The Leopard Got His Spots' and 'How The Elephant Got His Trunk'.

We are also looking at the Geography and History of The Amazon Rainforest itself, so get your explorer hats ready!

This term the children have two PE lessons on a Thursday and Friday.






Monday-English (SPAG),Maths, Topic.

Tuesday- Guided Reading, English , Maths, Science

Wednesday- Guided Reading, English , Maths, RE

Thursday- Guided Reading, PE, Maths, French and Topic

Friday-  Maths, English, and First Holy Communion work.



Children are expected to read EVERY night. If, when Reading Books are checked on a Friday and a Monday, it is thought they have not been reading enough at home, they will miss their playtime to make up their reading time. It is VERY important that the children are reading constantly to help improve their comprehension skills and writing. 


We're working hard concocting our own Weather reports for rainforests around the world.

We like to solve Maths problems with our hands!

We are making our own Rainforest Rainsticks!

Our Work Is Incredible!

Our Work Is Incredible! 1