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Year 5 2017/18

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Just So - Rudyard Kipling

The pupils read their stories that have been based on the narrative structure of Rudyard Kipling's originals that aim to give a reason why an animal has developed a certain feature, e.g. wings for flying.  The pupils chose their own backgrounds, one that they felt best represented the settings within their story.


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This week (WB 09.10.17), we have been looking at shape, and the repeating patterns and tessellations that can be done with them.  This website allows you to build tessellating shape patterns.

Unit 1 Maths Test Outcomes

Unit 1 Maths Test Outcomes

Unit 1 Maths Test Outcomes 1
This shows the pupils' results from the Unit 1 maths test which they took on Friday 22nd September.  This test assessed pupils on only the maths topics covered within the first three weeks.  Your child will know their number, which will then allow you to find their score.
This afternoon (14/09/17), I set the pupils a challenge of building a model boat that would cross the 'sea' in the quickest time possible.  They had to apply their knowledge of air resistance from their parachute work as well as consider how streamlining their design would affect the boats' travel over the water.  We had an enormous amount of fun doing this, so thank you for all of your contributions from home that made it possible.

Week 1 Highlights - Science - Measuring Gravity using Newton Meters

What a fantastic first week back!  We've done so much learning.  Check out our photos from Science this week.

Letter Home to Parents 04.09.17

Year 5 Timetable, Autumn Term 1


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Year 5 Curriculum Map 2017-18

Pupils will be tested on their spellings every Friday morning.  Please see the attached lists for help.

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