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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

‘We walk in the footsteps of Christ and are held in the hand of God’

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School Council / Eco Warriors

Our School Council

Why does St Anthony’s have a School Council?

It helps everyone in school to feel responsible for what goes on here.

It builds children’s confidence by giving them the chance to speak in public.

It helps all children to get on together and contribute to an even better school.


What makes a good School Council?

Regular meetings once a month

A council that has 2 representatives from each class

Good communication between representatives and their class

Working together to organise fundraising events for local and worldwide charities

evaluations of our activities.


What sorts of things do our School Council do?

Organise fund raising events

Visit other schools for joint projects

Improve the school environment

Represent the school at event

Help welcome new children

Make suggestions about behaviour and reward systems in school, uniform, homework


Meet new members of staff or help make new appointments.

Who makes a good School Council representative?


RELIABLE- someone who remembers to go to meetings

FAIR- Takes everybody’s views to meetings

THOUGHTFUL- Considers your feelings

GOOD LISTENER- Understands different points of view

A GOOD SPEAKER- Discuss things clearly

ACCURATE AND EFFICIENT- Reports back from the Council.


What happens in a School Council meeting?

In a meeting all the class representatives come together  and we sit in a circle

We all read the Minutes from the last meeting and see if we have done everything that we said we would

We then look at our Agenda for the meeting. An agenda tells us what we will be talking about or doing at a meeting

People agree who will do what jobs, and by when. Then we record what is to be done in the Minutes of the meeting

The Class Representatives then feedback to their own class about the meeting and anything that needs to be done

Finally the Communications Officer will put the Minutes of the meeting on the School Council Website Page so that everyone knows what the School Council is doing.

At the first meeting:

We voted for the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer

We gave out notebooks and folders for each class to record their class meetings in

We made a list of things that we wanted to discuss at future meetings

We set a date for the next meeting to happen.

The jobs within our School Council:


· Runs the meetings and leads discussions
·Helps to prepare the Agenda
·Talks to teachers and Governors about what the School Council thinks and its ideas
·Makes sure all the Council members are involved.


Vice Chairperson-
·Keeps in touch with class representatives
·Makes sure that everyone who agrees to do something actually does it
· Leads the meeting if the Chairperson is away.


· Takes notes or Minutes of the meetings
·Helps to prepare the Agenda
·Makes sure that everyone knows when the meetings are
·Keeps all notes safely in the minute book.


·Looks after the School Council’s money
· Writes a report on how much money has been spent, what it has been spent on and how much is left.


The Communications Officer-
·Makes sure that teachers, parents, Governors and the community know what the School Council is doing
·Keeps the School Council Web Page up to date
·Uploads the Minutes and Agenda onto the Web Page.